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Wet Processing, Heated Tanks, Chemical Handling and SRD’s

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Technology leader in process development, design, and construction of flexible batch immersion and single-wafer surface preparation equipment to the semiconductor, solar and other related industries.

Applications lab to provide development, customer support and process solutions.

GAMA™ Fully Automated Wet Station

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The GAMA wet station series is a proven performer with hundreds of systems installed worldwide. A modular, flexible platform allows highly customized processes to meet the most demanding criteria. GAMA features closed loop process control to ensure consistent high quality to promote high yields for all wafer sizes.

Pinnacle™ Carrier-less Automated Wet Station

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Designed for the most cutting-edge devices, the Pinnacle wet station utilizes the most advanced wafer handling to assure the best process results for manufacturers of integrated circuits, MEMS and advanced packaging.

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The Saqua series of 12-inch single-chip cleaners use a single wafer rotary wet cleaning technology. This equipment has technologies providing cleaning selectivity and high cleaning efficiency, including a chemical liquid protection system, pipeline anti-static system, and megasonic system. The residue is selectively cleaned without damaging the structure of the product itself.

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Bpure series quartz boat (tube) cleaning machine is widely used in integrated circuits, packaging, photovoltaic and other fields. The immersion treatment process is mainly used for the cleaning of quartz tubes / boats and silicon carbide tubes of diffusion and epitaxy equipment of 12 inches and below.

In addition, it can also be used to clean other quartz parts, such as quartz plates, ignition guns, insulated barrels, etc.

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The Bulk Pumping Module BPM is the newest Chemical Delivery System from IDI-CYBOR using the latest in software control technology.

The BPM is engineered to deliver a variety of chemicals from bulk sources to multiple points of use.

Available with: Single Drum Storage , Dual Drum Storage

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Automatic Source Switching
Switching between supply tanks and optional dual pump redundancy provides a virtually uninterrupted
supply of chemical. The IDI-CYBOR Bulk Pumping Modules are available in a variety of plastics for
compatibility with Acid and Caustic chemicals. The stainless steel system for solvents provides the
ultimate in safety.
Bulk Pumping Modules - Bulk Pumping Modules can be ordered with a sample station for in situ chemical monitoring. A variety of filter options are available to meet customer requirements. The N2 and DIW flushing modes enable users to thoroughly purge the system of contaminants introduced during
maintenance or filter changes.
Fully automated control of the Bulk Pumping Module provides continuous operation to the point of use.
Networking capabilities are also available. IDI-CYBOR can integrate numerous types of communication
signals using serial or Ethernet protocols for Turn Key and CMS/ SCADA systems.

Mobile Chemical Delivery Carts

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Mobile carts can be custom configured with some of these options, but are not limited to these.

Available with:

  •  On board tank: This allows the cart to be filled in a chemical storage area and moved to another location after


  •  Multi drum support: Allows the system to be used for a temporary bulk fill supply unit with drum auto switching


  •  Pumps: Carts can be configured with electric or pneumatic pumps. Standard pumps are White Knight and Levitronix


  •  Flow Controls: can be added to accurately control the flow from the cart for filling wet benches

Systems Remanufacturing

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IDI-CYBOR can provide retrofits and upgrades to existing chemical management systems
What we do:

  •  Repairing and repurposing older equipment with up to date controls

  •  Cost effective choice for extending the life of existing dispense cabinets or bulk delivery systems

  •  System remanufacturing can range from the replacement of key components no longer available, to a complete replacement of all internal components, including new PLC controls

  •  Minimizes the cost of un-scheduled down time and provides additional years of operation to your tools

  •  IDI-CYBOR will supply new documentation, PM schedules and a warranty on the remanufactured tool

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Mtek provides new and refurbished spin rinser dryers, spare parts and service. We support 100mm – 300mm tools. 

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Morgan Hill, California 95037

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