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Pump Repair and Sales



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Wet Processing, Heated Tanks, Chemical Handling and SRD’s

We service & sell BOC Edwards, Leybold, Ebara, Kinney, Stokes, Welch, Alcatel, Busch, Gast, Pfeiffer, CTI Helix, Seiko Seiki, Varian, Robinair.

Majority of Employees OEM Edwards trained.

Our services include the Full Spectrum of Vacuum Pumps including:

  • Mechanical pumps, rotary vane, rotary piston

  • Dry pumps, scroll pumps

  • Cryogenic pumps and compressors

  • Turbo molecular pumps

  • Diffusion pumps

Free pickup and delivery if minimum pump quantity met.

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Valve Cleaning and Rebuilding

Vac-Tech offers valve rebuilding services, HVA, VAT, SMC, NorCal, Edwards, Varian etc.. we have reverse engineered valves from major OEMs and have special tooling made to service these valves. many configurations: Gate, Pendulum, Fore Line, Throttle

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IDI - Pressure on Deman

M300, M310, M450, M550

Pressure on Demand Dispense Unit
The Model 300 Family of Integrated Dispense Systems provides
automated control and monitoring of all critical process parameters. The units have no mechanical displacement and are designed tomonitor and dispense all photolithography chemistries

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The units can monitor a bulk fill canister and signal either the operator or a bulk fill supply to
refill the canister. For situations where filling from a remote location is required (remote
storage of chemical in the sub-fab) the Model 300/310 units can be connected to a CAM
unit allowing the 300 to continue to monitor the sources while being filled from the CAM.

M310 Pressure on Demand Dispense Unit

The IDI-M310 Series Pressure-On-Demand Pump, POD, technology pump provides automated dispense control for the develop, Edge Bead Removal, (EBR), and Solvent Pre-wet process.

The IDI-CYBOR patented POD provides bubble free, uniform flow rates that far exceed any results from a pressurized canister. The units have no mechanical displacement and are engineered to dispense a variety of photolithography chemicals.

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3 Output Configs

The IDI-M310 pump is configurable with one to three outputs. The outputs can be operated
sequentially or simultaneously.

Pulse Width Modulation

The IDI-M310 pump uses Pulse Width Modulation to control the pressurization of the driver
gas that displaces the photo chemical. The pressure “servo loop” provides a constant
photochemical flow regardless of the number of outputs valves open or filter loading. The
pump system will not allow itself to run out of photo chemical making it impossible to
introduce air into the dispense lines.

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Available Track Interfaces

  •  SVG86/88 (Rite Track)

  •  SVG90, 90S

  •  TEL Mark Vz, 7, 8

  •  TEL ACT 8 & 12

  •  FSI Polaris

  •  DNS 60A, 80B, ETC.

Cybor M650 Pump
Positive Displacement Technology

The Intelligent Pump for High Viscosity Dispense

Enhanced performance in a smaller footprint... The M650 now has a 17% smaller footprint with enhanced operational and programming capability. The M650 is designed to dispense high viscosity semiconductor processing chemicals from resist to polyimides to BCB’s as high as 50,000 cP.

The CYBOR M650 HVP combines stepper motor technology with state of the art hardware and software control technology to deliver a superior, repeatable high viscosity pump solution.

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What the M650 HVP can do that no other high viscosity pumps can do:

  •  Dramatic reduction in time to prime and purge

  •  Automatic setup with minimal operator intervention

  • operation Software feedback provides real time diagnostic information of the pump’s operation

  •  SSED - Software Source Empty Detection

  •  Significant reduction in waste during fluid change overs and PMs


Morgan Hill, California 95037

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