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THERMAL PROCESSING – Furnaces, Elements, Quartz

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THEORIS 302 / FLOURIS 201 Vertical Oxidation Furnace THEORIS 302 / FLOURIS 201 Vertical Oxidation Furnace for 200mm and 300mm. Applicable process Dry ox, Wet ox, DCE ox, Silicon oxynitride ox, & Anneal.  

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THEORIS 302 / FLOURIS 201 Vertical Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition System.

Applicable process - Silicon nitride, silicon dioxide film dep, poly, amorphous silicon

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HORIS D8572A horizontal furnace  -diffusion / oxidation system.  Applicable process Atmospheric pressure (micro-positive pressure) closed-tube dry ox, wet ox, hydrogen -oxygen synthesis oxidation, annealing / Propulsion, alloy.

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HORIS L6371 Multifunction Horizontal LPCVD. Applicable process:

Silicon dioxide ( LTO , TEOS ), silicon nitride ( Si 3 N 4 (including low stress)), polycrystalline silicon ( LP-POLY ), phosphorous silicon glass ( BSG ), borophosphosilicate glass (BPSG) , doped polysilicon, Graphene, carbon nanotubes and other thin film.

FURNACE ELEMENTS - world leader in the manufacturing of semiconductor diffusion heaters. Each year, we supply thousands of direct replacement diffusion furnace heater elements to wafer fabs and semiconductor foundries across the globe. Currently, we support close to 100 fabrication facilities, OEMs, and contract maintenance providers. Temperatures up to 1350C.

DS Fibertech Corporation offers direct replacements of diffusion heater elements from OEMs, such as: Tokyo Electron (TEL), Hitachi Kokusai, Axcelis, Thermco, Bruce (BTI),Silicon Valley Group (SVG) 

If you are looking for a diffusion heater that is not listed, please contact us.

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